Natural Nails Tips

Natural Nails Tips

Natural Nails.  Before you get a manicure consider these awesome natural nails tips.

A manicure is not just getting your nails painted.  A manicure keeps your natural nails healthy.



Healthy Natural Nails = Eating Right

Essential fatty acids prevent brittle and dry nails.

What foods contain essential fatty acids?

  • Salmon and other fatty fish
  • Fax seed and flax seed oil.
  • Add some crunch to your yogurt or cereal – sprinkle fax seed on top.
  • Consider substituting flax seed oil in your salad dressing.

What are these white spots on my natural nails?

This might be a sign that you need more zinc in your diet.  Try to eat more:

  • Meat: chicken, beef and pork.
  • Seafood, eggs, cheese and nuts

My natural nails have hangnails and tears.

Keep your cuticles well moisturized.  When your cuticles are hydrated you are less likely to get cracked cuticles, hangnails and tears.  This is also one of the best ways to grow strong, healthy natural nails.

At bedtime, apply a small drop of cuticle oil to each cuticle and rub it in.  Do this every night and your cuticles will be soft and easier to push back.  A cuticle oil containing jojoba and vitamin E work well.

Natural Nails splitting?

  • Avoid filing back and forth across the nail as this will cause splitting.
  • Use a fine grain emery board.

What is the most popular shape?

  • The “squoval” which is a combination of a square and an oval.  Great for a modest length.
  • The “oval” is a beautiful look if you enjoy a longer nail.


More Natural Nail Tips:

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