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Eyelash Extensions Reviews

I am thrilled to share some Eyelash Extensions Reviews and Testimonials that I receive daily from my clients in Regina.

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“Women in Regina, Sk are in love with Eyelash Extensions designed by Certified Lash Artist Cindy Grainger”

“Regina is buzzing about these Beautiful Lashes”

eyelash extensions reviews - absolutely wonderful first visit

I love my lashes!  What a pleasure it was.  She took the time to create exactly what I wanted and more.  I couldn’t be happier!” Sheila H., Regina Saskatchewan (received on Facebook November 2014)

Eyelash Extensions Review from Hollywood.
Omg my lashes are so gorgeous.  Came home from LA for a week and I just had to pay a visit to Lash Artist Cindy Grainger!  If you’re in the Regina area you NEED to pay her a visit!  They are so full, luscious, long, curled and beautiful.  Definitely the best lashes in Regina!” Kayleigh, Hollywood Los Angelos (Eyelash Extensions Review received on Facebook)

I can’t stop staring at how pretty they are!

What did you do to my lashes Cindy???? I can’t stop staring at how pretty they are!!!!!! I FEEL LIKE A ROCK STAR!!! I feel like I could wake up, answer the door and look pretty just like “that” even though my hair is in roosters!!!! You’re the best I have had!!! ha,ha…. that sounds a tad edgy…YOU make me FEEL like a princess with your super fun, caring service- I love that you’re a perfectionist too!! WOW!! An artist in more ways than one!!! Rock on girl!!!! And THANK YOU!!!! See you soon!

Nichola T (facebook comment January 2015)

Eyelash Extensions Reviews from Kate Regina Sk.Eyelash Extensions Reviews and Testimonials picture of Kate 2014

Eyelash Extensions Review about quality

“Such great quality eyelash extensions! Absolutely LOVE mine!  I’ve tried a couple different places and Chere Gaterie Nail Spa & Esthetique Studio is definitely the highest quality of eyelash extensions that I have ever had.

Kayleigh S., Los Angelos

eyelash exensions reviews | cindy is truy an amazing lash artist

“Where do I start…….seriously:) I love waking up and not having to apply any eye makeup! My eyes are already done it feels like. I haven’t worn mascara in almost a year. They make my eyes look more open, brighter and more beautiful. I constantly get compliments on my eyelashes, I can’t imagine being without them. Cindy takes the time to ask for feedback, ask how they are doing and answer any questions. It’s amazing what she create’s….I leave with 3 to 4 different sized lashes on and they are so well placed that every single time they look nothing short of amazing. I’m sure all of her clients can agree how special she makes you feel when you get to spend time with her. I truly love to see my appointments with her pop up in my agenda! Cindy is an amazing artist and truly talented. So many people tell me they can’t even tell they are extension’s that’s how natural they look. and that’s what I personally want… keep it natural looking-with a bit of sugar haha:) It’s funny how eyelashes can make a gal feel:)”  

Erika S., Regina Sk

Eyelash Extensions Review from client in HollywoodEyelash Extensions Review from client after photo Lynn B Regina

“So grateful to be one of your new clients. After my terrible experiences with a hotel spa you are a true gift. Love love love your work and YOU!!!!”
Leta S., Regina Saskatchewan (Review received on Facebook)

Before you choose your Lash Artist, do some research.  Not all Lash Professionals offer the same quality of customer service and quality of work.

  • Eyelash Extensions Reviews and Testimonials are a great way to find out more about your Lash Professional.  If Reviews are not published on their site or facebook page ask to see some.
  •  View your Lash Professional’s Before and After pictures of actual clients.   If before and after pictures are not published on their website, ask to see their work before you book your appointment.
Cindy Grainger

Certified Lash Artist, Regina Saskatchewan Canada

eyelash extensions review about knowledge professionalism and talent
Thanks again Cindy for a morning of pampering. I love, love, love,my lashes!!!!   You always make me feel so good when I’m there.   Your knowledge, professionalism and talent as a lash artist is by far the best around.”  

Carol D., Regina Saskatchewan (Facebook)

eyelash extensions review - best lash artist in Regina
“Thank you Cindy for making my eyes pretty!  I super love my lashes and I really love your craft!  Been a client since June and I can say, she’s the best lash artist in town! ”

Rae Velasco, Regina Saskatchewan (December 8, 2014)


“Love, love, love my lashes.  Thanks Cindy you do amazing work.” Heather V., Regina Saskatchewan (Facebook comment)

A month since my last eyelash fill 

“Can’t believe it was a month since my last eyelash fill and how great they still looked. I had people complimenting me on how much they liked them and were shocked when I mentioned they were over a month old because I was too busy to get in for my fill. Now after last night they look even better. See you in a few weeks!

Thanks again for being amazing at what you do and making us ladies look even more amazing every time we leave you.”

Sara Tripke, Regina Saskatchewan (Facebook Comment)

Highly Recommend

I had my first experience today with Cindy. After doing extensive research I chose her because of the information on her website and great positive reviews from her clients. She makes her clients feel so comfortable that I fell asleep during the appt! She is a complete professional and knows what she is doing. I would highly recommend her to anyone. I can’t wait for my wedding pictures with these lashes! Thanks Cindy

Lys Bick, Regina Saskatchewan (December 28 2014)

Cindy is Awesome

“Cindy is awesome! My lashes are also incredible. Love them, thanks Cindy!”

Debbie Travis, Regina Sk (Facebook Comment December 28, 2014)

Merry Christmas to a very special person. Thank you for making me feel pretty this year Cindy! Have a wonder Christmas and all the best in the new year!

Gail S., Ituna Saskatchewan (December 23, 2014)

“I have the most amazing lash artist”  
 Carla W., Regina Sk

I Absolutely Love Them

“Thank you so much for the glam/volume eyelash extensions Cindy!!!!!  I absolutely love them!!!!!!
Katie Elizabeth, Regina Saskatchewan 

Feel So Natural

“Although I have been getting my lashes done for quite some time now, Cindy always amazes me with each fill.  My lashes always feel so natural and look so stunning!  I feel so relaxed and pampered at each fill. Cindy you’re such a beautiful woman, inside and out!” Jaelynn H., Regina  Saskatchewan (Facebook Comment)

“There is one word that describes the work you do, AMAZING!!”   Stacey B., Regina Sk
“The best eyelash extensions in Regina”. Gail S., Ituna Sk.

Thrilled with your work!

Thanks for my magnificent new lashes! They’re exactly what I hoped they’d be: comfortable, low-maintenance, and both natural-looking and dramatic. I’m so glad to have found you– I’m thrilled with your work!” Jody R., Regina Saskatchewan

Eyelash Extensions Review from client after hot holiday Sara T

The Eyelash Extensions are Incredible

“I absolutely LOVE my eyelashes. I  can’t imagine not having them or how I went without them before. Cindy does a REALLY amazing job of working with the shape and look of your eye and accenting the features that you have.

We travel a lot and I love laying on the beach with no make up on but still feeling “good” because the lashes make you look alive, bright eyed and it looks like you are wearing make up. It’s seriously wonderful.

The eyelash extensions are incredible I have had so many awesome compliments on them already today.  You’re the best, Cindy!”

Sara T., Regina Sk | Eyelash Extensions Reviews from Sara received after Hot Holiday

It’s been a year since I started getting lash extensions and I absolutely love them! I only planned on having them for a few months, deciding to get them before heading to Costa Rica last year. It made my trip so easy, it was impossible to wear makeup there and I felt very put together, even fresh out of the ocean, which we were in every day. I kept booking fills and eventually decided to keep them, I couldn’t let go. I’m glad I did beside I’m heading on another hot holiday in a few weeks. Thank you Cindy for keeping my lashes looking amazing.” Nicolle M., Regina Sk.

She’s truly gifted ….the best in Regina.

“I highly recommend getting your eyelashes done with Cindy! Not only do you leave with perfect lashes, you get to be with someone who is so comfortable and fun to talk to. I haven’t left with unattractive eyelashes yet. I consistently get compliments about them and they are so handy when you don’t find time to wear make up, and PERFECT for a trip to a hot resort.

I rate her a solid 5/5 and I wouldn’t see anyone else but her. She’s truly gifted and to me seems like the best in Regina She takes her time and makes sure you leave with the perfect look, she is truly a perfectionist. I could go on and on. Book an appointment with her if you want perfect lashes like the ones I got today.”

Meagan O., Regina Sask

Stacey B fro Regina provides an Eyelash Extensions Review

“Hey miracle worker!!  I just wanted to tell you I am LOVING my eyelashes soooo so much!!!   They are so easy to take care, I wake up and go now.  In my field of work these are a dream come true!!

Thank you so much!  Can’t wait to come back for my refill !!”
Stacey B., Regina Saskatchewan (Eyelash Extensions Reviews)

Sharon provides Eyelash Extensions Review

You really do go the extra mile for your customers

“A GREAT BIG thank you to Cindy for my wonderful day of pampering for my birthday. You really do go the extra mile for your customers and I am so privileged to be one of yours.  Thank you for making me feel beautiful and special.”  
Love you Sharon P., Regina Saskatchewan ( December 12, 2014)

Thank you for the time you take

“Cindy, you completely out did yourself my last lash fill. My god my lashes are absolutely gorgeous. I love them.  Thank you for the time you take each appointment.  I promise I will always respect your work and art by taking the very best care of my lashes that I can in between appointments. ((Hugs))”

Leta S., Regina Saskatchewan

Isn’t finished  until she feels her work looks perfect

“Cindy is the best eye lash tech ever!!!!!  I told her that my daughter’s wedding was coming up.  She then told me she had an idea as to what she was going to do and started working her magic.  I think she must have put on 200 lashes on each eye! My eyes look amazing! Cindy is the type of person/tech who isn’t finished with a client until she feels her work looks perfect. That’s just one of Cindy’s finest attributes!

Thanks Cindy! I can hardly wait to see you again”  Kathy Bergen, Regina Saskatchewan 

You go above and beyond each time

“I just want to thank you again for my beautiful lashes! I loved them from my first appointment but I’m always shocked after each fill that they are ever more amazing!!! : ) you go above and beyond each time and I am thankful for all your hard work, xoxox”  Candace E., Regina Saskatchewan

“LOVE my eyelashes!  You can’t feel them at all and they look beautiful!  Very happy with the results and the fact that I don’t have to wear mascara anymore!  Thanks Cindy!!”  Lindsay O, Regina Saskatchewan

“Love, love, love! These eyelashes are lighter than air and do not irritate or weigh down my lash line. Perfectly applied with a personal pattern – to compliment your own eye shape that Cindy draws up, according to the look you want to achieve! Thank you Cindy! You’re the best!!”   Chelsea, Regina Sask

“Thank you for the fabulous job you did on my eyelashes!   I love them!  I always have such a great experience at your salon. You’re the best! ”  Shelley N., Regina, Saskatchewan

It’s a love affair.

“AMAZING job on my eyelashes!!  I am so in love with them. They look gorgeous. If you are thinking about getting your eyelashes done I would highly recommend!”

Nicole R., Regina, Sk. | Quote from Facebook Page, Eyelash Extensions Reviews

Amazing eyelashes! Would for sure recommend Cindy!  So much fun and very welcoming! Thank you Cindy!!!!”   Jaclyn H., Regina Saskatchewan


“Booked my appointments right till the end of February Yayyyy!! Love my visits with Cindy Grainger … she’s the BEST EYELASH TECH IN THE WORLD ♡♡♡♡♡”  Rhonda K., Regina Saskatchewan

Regina Eyelash Extensions Review picture of client with closed eye

Love my lashes you did last night for me!  I can’t stop looking at them. I thought it was slightly weird about brushing them but now I just want to brush them all day long.”
Erika S., Regina Sask

I Feel Feminine and Beautiful Again

love my FULL….VERY FULL lashes…this coming from a gal who had not only non existent eyelashes but also droopy lids where eyeliner would “melt” off!  I no longer have to get out the medieval eyelash puller…curler…which. ..let’s face it curled part of your eyelid….or eyeliner….THANK YOU CINDY. …I FEEL FEMININE AND BEAUTIFUL AGAIN….and as an added bonus….love our chats”

Laura O., Regina Saskatchewan,  Eyelash Extensions Reviews

I love love love my eyelashes! 
Thank you so much!   5 Stars, no less! ”
Amylynn K., Regina Sk.

“My eyelash extensions are absolutely amazing!!! Cindy Grainger you are the best.  If you want to feel totally relaxed and special go see her. Love you girl !!”  Susan F., Regina Saskatchewan

“Not only is this the sweetest lady you will ever meet she is the best at eyelash extensions! ” Rhonda K., Regina Saskatchewan

Never go back to my mascara

“I am BEYOND ecstatic with my lashes!! They are SO gorgeous. I am totally inlove with them! I’ve been going for almost a year now and I will never go back to my mascara ways!!  Anyone who is thinking about trying them should absolutely do it!”  Nicolle R., Regina Saskatchewan

“I’m so glad to have found you. I’m thrilled with your work!
Jody R., Regina Sk.

“Today i got my lashes done for the first time! They are soooo amazing! Had a great time ! Thanks Cindy! I love you and your magical skills !”  Linn B., Regina Saskatchewan

Fell Asleep and Woke Up with Bigger Eyes

“I was a bit nervous at first but Cindy did a fabulous job!   I fell asleep while she put them on.  I couldn’t believe how much bigger my eyes look.   I don’t wear mascara any more. Just eye liner a little eye shadow.

Anyone who has never had them done before, has nothing to worry about. Cindy has many years of experience applying eyelashes and is very confident in what she does. Once you have eyelash extensions, you won’t go without!”
Kathy B., Regina Saskatchewan

“Again, thank you to Cindy for making me feel & look beautiful with these amazing lashes!”    Zy Dela, Regina Saskatchewan

Always look forward to my appointments

“Always look forward to my appointments with Cindy. Not only do I get to leave with amazing lashes, I also get to spend time with such an wonderful person. Its rare to meet people who are as genuinely nice and kind as Cindy is.  Love my lashes and Cindy!!”  M. Duong, Regina Saskatchewan

Eyelash Extensions Reviews: Her work is outstanding

“Cindy is awesome! She’s such a sweetheart!! I LOVE my lashes! It’s such a treat to be able to go see this wonderful lady, she makes you feel like a queen! Her work is absolutely outstanding!

Thank you so much!!”  Jaelynn WH., Regina Saskatchewan