Genuine Fur Mink Eyelash Extensions

Genuine Fur Mink Eyelash Extensions

Looking for “Genuine” FUR Mink Eyelash Extensions, in Regina? As an animal lover, I specialize in SYNTHETIC Mink Eyelash Extensions and  Synthetic Silk Eyelash Extensions.  

I do not work with Genuine Fur Mink Eyelash Extensions

 genuine fur mink  eyelash extensions featured image for wordpress postAbout a year ago, I was having a conversation with a client who wanted Real Fur – Mink Eyelash Extensions and my youngest daughter overheard the conversation.

The client was annoyed with me because, I don’t carry Genuine FUR Mink Eyelash Extensions.  I explained that I could not find a supplier that could guarantee me that Genuine Fur Mink Eyelash Extensions are cruelty free.   The client was really annoyed with me.  Clearly I was not educated in this regard.  “She” had done her research and “she” was sure they were cruelty free.  She “told” me that mink fur was harvested by “brushing live minks”.  She went on to say that Mink Fur was also harvested from Zoo Floors.  My jaw dropped and I said, “Really, you want Mink Fur that was taken from a Zoo Floor?”   “Well it is sterilized” she informed me.

Hello?!  Ah, dah, do you know you actually said that out loud?  Which one of those “harvesting methods” for Genuine Fur is cruelty free?

First of all Minks don’t like to be brushed….dah!   Minks are notoriously aggressive and territorial.  Even if we bought off on the concept, that the little minks like to have their hair brushed … it catch and release?  Catch a mink, brush a mink and let the mink go?  Highly unlikely!  So my question to you would be…..”what happens to the mink after it has served it’s purpose?”.


If you want Genuine Fur Mink Eyelash Extensions, please please do your research.  If you are an animal lover then I am going to be really disappointed if you choose Genuine Mink Fur over Synthetic Mink Eyelash Extensions.

When I was researching Genuine Fur Mink Eyelash Extensions I came across this article that really hit home.  Genuine Mink-Fur Eyelash Extensions Are Now a Thing written by Lori Zimmer.  To read the article simply click on the title.

If the following two paragraphs from this article don’t make you sick to your stomach, I don’t know what will.


mink eyelash extensions genuine fur quote from peta


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is equally dubious of the lashes’ so-called “animal-friendly” pedigree. “Companies that sell mink eyelashes claim to obtain the fur by brushing live minks, but those  minks still suffer on mink farms and ultimately will be killed for their fur,” a spokeswoman tells Ecouterre. “We encourage consumers to choose alternatives to any materials that are derived from animals, ensuring that they are not contributing to an industry that causes suffering.”







mink eyelash extensions genuine fur raised to be slaughtered

“The mink is the most farmed of all fur-bearing animalsRaised to be slaughtered, they’re faced with gruesome conditions that include self-mutilation, cannibalism, anal electrocution, and festering wounds. “There is a misconception that ranch raised fur is “humane,” says Mercy for Animals, a nonprofit based in Chicago. “Unfortunately, there is nothing humane about depriving these animals from their behavioral and physiological needs. Fur-farming is nothing more than institutionalized torture.”



I wanted to write this quick post to let you know why I do not use Genuine Mink Fur or Genuine Siberian Mink Eyelash Extensions on my clients.

I choose not to contribute to an industry that causes suffering.

I use SYNTHETIC MINK which has nothing to do with the animal. Synthetic Mink Lashes are stunning and are the lightest extension type that I carry. They are semi-matte with a velvet finish and have a deeper taper for a softer look.

There are very few Lash Studios who use Real Mink Fur, but there are still a few. Make sure you ask your Lash Technician if she will be using Genuine Mink Fur Eyelash Extensions or Synthetic Mink Eyelash Extensions.

My youngest daughter said to me and I will never forget this. “I am so proud of you Mom and I love that you stand up for what you believe in.”

Written with love, Cindy
Cindy Grainger is a Certified Lash Artist located in Regina Saskatchewan Canada
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